These Extras are available to give your car a facelift.

Outside Wash. A Hand Wash & Wax, Chamois
Dry, Windows Cleaned outside, Cleaned and Tyre's
Sheened. $30 ~$40
Paint Protection. Protect paint and shine from the
elements with a silicone spray sealant which forms
a ultra water repellent coating and a brilliant
protected  shine. Applied to all external surfaces,
paint, glass, wheels and external trim this protects
for between 2 and 3 months. $10
Hand Polish. If your paintwork is in good
condition, give it a dazzling High Gloss finish and
protect from the elements with a normal wax
polish. $80 ~ $100
Machine Cut and Polish. If your paintwork has
slight scratching, swirls, holograms etc, this is our
recommended product. This is a three stage
process using paint correction techniques to
remove surface imperfections, a light cut to
produce a consistent finish, followed by a high
gloss wax finish. $110 ~ $150.
Leather Clean and Condition. Clean, restore and
enrich leather surfaces such as seats, dashboards
and consoles. Defend against the suns premature
wear and fading. Leave your leather looking and
feeling supple. NB: This will not repair cracking
and torn seats. $30
Carpet, Mat and Seat shampoo. Clean and
restore carpet and cloth surfaces. Remove coffee
and other light staining. $30
We recommend combining these with a Mini Detail to get the best result